Norbert Friedl
NJF stands for Norbert Josef Friedl

NJF deconstructs a world of his figures and shapes into their component parts, where they are deformed and adjoined to new unexpected elements. The tension generated through the reconstituting all these components results in a timeless vista built on an extended visual vocabulary. While evolving organic forms are sculpted, other structures are grown. Organic lamina coalesce into large-format, still-life and portrait-like figures. These figures, whom he calls creatures, are motion-dynamic yet frozen in a stop-action split second, dramatically enhancing the overall image. The forms evolve as they encounter chaos; disintegrating only to emerge as new lives never before encountered. NJF’s imagery depicts the unconscious superimposing of the familiar over the unknown. The mostly neutral character of the backgrounds simplifies and yet enhances this timeless character, inviting the viewer to intimately examine the infinity of detail leading to new perspectives.
NJF deliberately leaves it evident in his artwork that it was created using a computer. That's why he calls it "Digital Fine Art Compugraphy". Deconstruction and deformation lead inevitable to new matrices and forms. NJF aligns his work with deconstructivism without shying away from neo- surrealistic elements. Fantastic Realism, fundamental to his early 1970s works, offered inspiration leading towards this truly unique visual language.

njf artwork